Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 4 Log 2

Designers are often fussy and do not take kindly to criticism. As in Frank Lloyd Wright- "...called Wright to say that his roof was leaking all over a dinner guest, the architect is said to have responded, 'Tell him to move his chair.'"  The problem is often that they are more interested in making something look good rather than function. I am very aware of this problem, as I used to be an Industrial Design major. But I remember that when people would design something that would function properly that in itself was beautiful. It seems that in design, often less is more. 
The three main reasons that designer often fail are, they put aesthetics first, they are not the typical user of the object, and the client that they are designing for may not be the actual user of the product. While the look of an object is very important, the function is just as important. When designing for someone, they often don't exactly know what they want themselves. Designers are not mind readers. Communication is the most important aspect of any design collaboration. 

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